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Law Firm No 1. 

Yesterday’s event was great! And so welcome- I think that is the first time in my professional life where an employer has arranged for some sort of therapy or group acknowledgment (beyond just words) for black employees who have experienced trauma at the hands of nebulous society. 

I appreciated hearing Dr. Angela’s professional advice and recommendations. Thanks for moderating the session as well. 

Thank you for bringing the session with Dr. Angela into fruition. I think the session was very powerful as it created a safe space that acknowledged and validated the Black/African American attorney’s feelings around racial trauma, chronic stress of racism and its affects, while also providing tools and resources for coping and processing. I’m glad we were able to provide this resource and hope we can continue to do so. 

I think it would be nice if we could bring Dr. Barnett back to speak to the group on a somewhat regular basis (if others valued the experience as much as I did).

I realize that it may have been weird for the speaker but I really liked having a somewhat anonymous chat.

Dr. Angela was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to.

I appreciated the subject matter and Dr. Angela’s defining cultural competence and [providing] advice on dealing with trauma.

Law Firm No 2. 

Our Black attorneys and staff found our program with Dr. Angela extremely valuable and have requested that we schedule a Part II to the session that we held back in June.