Executive Team of A3B®, LLC

Betsey S. Robinson, CPA MBA, CGMA

President, and Owner has 30 years of overall accounting experience with Fortune 100 Global Companies. She began her professional career at Kraft Foods and then accepted a professional consultant position with Audit Force, now known as Experis of ManpowerGroup. After 32 engagements, she established A3B, LLC in 2013 to venture into entrepreneurship.

Angela Neal-Barnett, Ph.D.

VP Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Consulting. Dr. Angela is an international award-winning licensed psychologist, professor, and author of Soothe Your Nerves published by Simon & Schuster.  Her contribution to the field of ethnic minority psychology extends over 25 years and her work has been featured in national media outlets including Psychology Today, CNN, Essence, BET, New York Times, PBS, and NPR.

Asma Farhin, MSCS, MBA, PMP

Asma supports A3B, LLC for Information Technology. She is the CEO of S&F Consultancy, Inc., a provider of technical solutions ranging from software solutions, management consulting, and IT services.
S&F Consultancy Inc.

Banking and Financial Services (Starting up Q1 2020)